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The following uses refer to websites, applications, and services provided by Tirinfo. The terms of this use will regulate your access and use of websites and services provided by Tirinfo, and all brands, entities that are controlled, and others.

Please read the following Termss (“Termss”) carefully before using the tirinfo.com website. Terms of use include all articles, pictures and each or all related content, including but not limited to, email, RSS feed, and video.

By using the website, you agree to be bound by the terms of use. If you do not agree to be bound by the Termss of this use, stop using the website.


All articles on tirinfo.com are original works, and are protected by applicable copyright and other ownership rights (including but not limited to intellectual property), and are intellectual property from tirinfo.com.

Websites can display links to websites, services, or other resources on the internet. Other resources are not under the control of Tirinfo, and you recognize that Tirinfo is not responsible or obliged to content, function, accuracy, legality, suitability or other aspects of the website, service, or resources. You then acknowledge and agree that Tirinfo will not be responsible or obliged, directly or indirectly, for damage or losses caused or allegedly caused by or in connection with the use or dependence on any content, goods, or services that are available in or through website or resource.


Tirinfo is a site that provides tips, tricks, guidelines, news, comments, and general information related to computers, smartphones, applications and software, internet use, web browsers, technician lifestyles, programmers and consumer technology trends.

We are trying hard for the highest loyalty in everything we write, aiming to be one of the sources of content related to the most reliable information on the web; However, information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies, and we do not provide any guarantee or guarantee of the accuracy of that information. You acknowledge that the information and material may contain inaccuracies and mistakes and we expressly exclude responsibilities for these inaccuracies or errors.

Use of content

Tirinfo is intended solely for learning media and solutions. If you are under adulthood according to the laws in force in the jurisdiction where you live, your parents or legal guardians must read and approve the terms of use on your name.

Tirinfo allows the original content to be available for non-commercial reproduction with compulsory credit to the Tirinfo website with links to the website and the logo displayed. You can also reproduce extracts or quotes or screenshots with mandatory credit to the Tirinfo site with both links to the website.

In any non-commercial reproduction, you should not suggest that Tirinfo supports you or your use of the work.

The rights granted to you will not affect the right to your fair use or reasonable usage, or the exception and limitations of other copyright that apply and/or rights that others may have in the work itself or in the way the work is used, such as publicity or Privacy Rights.

This does not include the right to re -publish images from Tirinfo, where Tirinfo may not be a copyrighted rights holder, except in the context of screenshots of all websites. Tirinfo does not make a statement, guarantee, or warranty for the use of third parties for the content that appears on the website.

All copying, re-regulation, broadcasting, rewriting for broadcasting or publication, redistribution, modification, use or publication by you in any media, directly or indirectly, from these things or any part of the website, including removal Or advertising changes, except for limited usage rights given below, strictly prohibited.

RSS Feeds

Websites can provide RSS Feeds for Tirinfo. If you use RSS Feeds in any part, we ask you not to change it in any way, including deleting or changing advertisements or adding content including advertisements and promotional content. Tirinfo can stop the distribution of RSS Feeds or change content or formatting without notice. It also has the right to ask parties to stop using RSS Feeds at any time.


Reproduction of screenshots in print form is permissible if and only if the url, the name of the website, and the logo is completely visible or included. Content can also be reproduced in print form if and only if it is legally and clearly referenced from websites including the name of the website, URL, and logo in references. Images from the website should not be used in print form.


Content provided by Tirinfo is based on “as it is” and Tirinfo is not responsible for the use of information, content, feeds, etc. by you. Use this site on your wisdom. Tirinfo is not responsible for any complaints related to the content or images you choose to display on your site or in print media.

Tirinfo is not connected to celebrities, brands, or other items mentioned on this website. Information about net worth, value of goods, etc. is an estimate and may not be true and/or actually. Articles and other content based on opinion (or comments) and should not be considered factual. You agree that Tirinfo is not responsible for the wrong information or inaccuracies.

Intellectual property rights

Because we respect the intellectual property rights of the parties, Tirinfo has a policy to delete user (etc.) submissions that violate the Copyright Act, in accordance with the title 17 of the United States code, section 512, Tirinfo has a policy to receive written notice about claims of violations Copyright and to process these claims in accordance with the law. If you are sure that the service user violates your copyright, please give a written notification to our agent listed below for notification of copyright violation claims.

Tirinfo Intellectual Property

Tirinfo, site name and logo are trademarks, trade names, service brands or logos (collectively called “brand”) owned by Tirinfo. You are not allowed to use the brand. Ownership of all the brands and good intentions associated with this remain the property of Tirinfo. There is nothing contained on the website that can be interpreted as implicitly giving or vice versa, any license or rights to use brands without explicit permission from Tirinfo.


The website allows users to comment and/or discuss content on the website. In posting comments, you agree to comply with the following guidelines:

Users/visitors can post comments as long as the comment content is not illegal threatening, something that is despicable, slandering or racist and in accordance with the terms of use here. The contents of the statement must not violate a person’s privacy or violate anyone’s intellectual property or despicable.

Users/visitors must remain responsible for the contents of their statements. Thus, the website does not control the content of statement posted and cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or truth of information published on this website. The website is not responsible for content, existence, nature, quality, legality, security, and suitability of each comment posted on this website.

You agree to communicate correct and original information and not violate applicable laws or regulations.

Accusations that are baseless or slander are prohibited. You are responsible for ensuring that your statement is explicit and argumentative as possible.

Seize the identity of individuals or entities is prohibited. Also prohibited from misleading someone about the source of comments or statements.

Make sure your contribution is relevant and appropriate.

Comments or reviews posted are to be used on websites, not for people or places or companies concerned, and the website is also not affiliated with the individual or company in any way. The website is not responsible for your decision to post personal information.

Please contribute to useful and polite comments. Do not attack anyone personally or post comments that are insulting, slandering, or racist that make you potentially take legal action. The website has the right to change or delete comments that violate website policies.

The website can be at any time and on its own policy, suppressing such content. It is understood that the website has no obligation to review all posts/comments.

All comments are considered as the property of the website and all correspondence is considered available for publishing. By sending comments, posts or articles, you agree that your comments can be edited to correct mistakes, delete dirty words or hate language, or change or delete your comments, posts or articles from this weblog without notice to you. The email address sent by comments will not be sold or spam.

Inappropriate comments

Every interested party can ask for the removal or modification of comments if he is the subject of the comment and if the comment content violates the provisions of use. Requests for withdrawal of comments must be sent to the link to the comments and the reason is considered violating. The answer to your request will be available within 48 to 72 hours. Disagreement with reviews or comments is not a motive for removal or modification.

The website is not responsible for the contents of each statement (comments or other) delivered by its users. The website can be, further to complaints or comments, see content from any statement and edit as a whole or some statements that are inappropriate, slander, incorrect, or violate the provisions of use. The complaint is related to comments can be sent to.

Illegal use

You must not (directly or indirectly): (i) Describe, compile, disassemble, engineer, or try to get any source code or ideas or algorithms that underlie any part of the website.

You should not: (i) take any action that imposes or may force (as determined by a single policy of Tirinfo) a large burden that does not make sense or disproportionate in the Tirinfo infrastructure (or the third party provider); (ii) disturbing or trying to interfere with the right work of the website; (iii) cut, dodge or try to pass or avoid limited access to websites (or other accounts, computer systems, or networks that are connected to websites); (iv) carrying out all forms of automatic or “spam” on the website; (v) use software, devices, or manual or automatic processes to “crawl” or “explore” any page from the website; (vi) frame, eroded, mining data, extracting or collecting harvests or eroding any content from websites in any form and in any way; Or (vii) if not, take any action that violates the terms of use.


The website has an exclusive right to change the provisions of this use at any time. Changes and clarification of non-material will be valid soon. Changes in material will be valid 30 days after posting. The post date of each document will be determined at the end of the document. The use of sustainable websites will be considered as your agreement on the provisions of the changes that have been changed.

Privacy and confidentiality

The website promises not to use or reveal information provided by its users for other purposes other than providing services. However, Tirinfo cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information sent via the internet. Thus, users must accept all responsibilities if confidential information is expressed. Furthermore, Tirinfo will cooperate with law enforcement in providing information in connection with any investigation or crime.